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PRX500 Series
PRX512M Exploded View.pdf
PRX512MI Exploded View.pdf
PRX515 Exploded View .pdf
PRX518S Exploded View.pdf
PRX525 Exploded View.pdf
PRX535 Exploded View.pdf
PRX718S Exploded View.pdf

PRX Series Amplifier Schematics.pdf
  Amplifier Parts List.pdf
  Interface PCB Schematics.pdf
  Interface PCB Parts List.pdf
  Modulator Schematics.pdf
  Modulator Parts List.pdf
  Input Module Schematics.pdf
  Input Module Parts List.pdf
  SW1 (Input Module) Schematics.pdf
  PRX535 Input Board Schematics.pdf
  FR1 Mechanical Drawing of Amplifier Assembly.pdf
  FR2 Mechanical Drawing of Amplifier Assembly.pdf
  FR2 535 Mechanical Drawing of Amplifier.pdf

SW1 PRX518S Mechanical Drawing of
Amplifier Asembly.pdf