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Get Your Product Fixed: We have an extensive network of authorized Service Centers throughout the US. This link will take you to a US map that will allow you to find your nearest servicer. If for any reason you cannot locate a convenient servicer, click here to email us and we'll assist you.
JBL Professional Factory Labor Rates: Click here for JBLTransducer, Audio Digital, JBL/UREI Electronics Products labor rates, expedite fees and miscellaneous repair rates.
JBL Professional Warranty Policy: Click here for the full text  (Adobe Acrobat 90kB)
Miscellaneous Parts Purchase: Some repairs can be do-it-yourself, and the parts can be bought directly from JBL with a credit card. Click here for online and phone order purchases of selected parts.
Frequently Asked Questions: All you ever wanted to know about warranty, repairs, parts, customer service, even general audio topics.

Click Here if your repair is outside of the USA.

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